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Infinity Fleet Finds Hidden Damage During Heavy-Duty Repair

August 1, 2017 4:49 pm

“Yes, I knew there was a little bit of damage, but I didn’t realize how much damage until we got done with the Infinity System” Russ at Truck Collision Services

While computerized measuring has been around for decades for those straightening passenger vehicles, the trucking industry hasn’t benefited from these advances in measuring technology. There are a couple contributing reasons for this: first off, existing electronic systems for passenger vehicles haven’t had the range or accuracy to measure to the distances inherent in HD vehicles; secondly, because most heavy-duty vehicles are custom regarding chassis, axle configurations, and other options, there isn’t a standardized data set that can be measured against to verify frame alignment.

As is common in the heavy-duty collision industry, Truck Collision Services (TCS) has relied on simple mechanical tools to determine frame damage and to guide the frame alignment process; things like self-centering gauges, chalk lines, and plumb bobs. When Ray Chatfield, the owner of TCS, visited the Infinity Laser Measuring booth at NACE last fall, he was excited to hear that Infinity was developing a new electronic measuring system for the HD Fleet market—one that would have the necessary range and accuracy for longer vehicles, without requiring a database full of reference point specifications. So, when Infinity released their Fleet 3D Measuring system this summer, Ray was eager to take advantage of its capabilities as soon as possible.


When the Infinity Fleet System was delivered to TCS in Lansing, MI earlier this month, the group had been working on straightening the frame on a school bus that was in for repairs. However, they were left with a hood that still wouldn’t close, and they couldn’t determine what they were missing. The front end of the vehicle looked straight, and their self-centering gauges weren’t showing anything substantial.

Infinity’s new Fleet measuring system has brought the heavy-duty market a tool that will improve repair quality and maximize efficiency throughout the repair process. It is more versatile that manual gauges, allowing you to set it up in more places, and in shorter time. It provides documented reports along the whole vehicle for before and after a repair, showing where damage is located, and to what degree. Because it can stay on the vehicle throughout the repair process, it provides real-time feedback so technicians know exactly how far to go with their pulls.


“The biggest thing about the Infinity system is the log-able information for the insurance company. You can do before and afters. It gets into areas that you can’t get with manual gauges. Those are going to be significant differences. We take pictures of the pins now—this is giving us an actual print-out, which I feel is going to make a huge difference.” Russ at TCS.


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